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In this page you will find a booking form to book a date with me, as well as an e-mail template, that you can use if you wish to skip the booking form.

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Angelic (GFE) or devious (BDSM) rendez-vous?


If you have contacted me from your work email or twitter, you can skip this step.

Please, provide your chosen way of screening:

A. Profesional info: LinkedIn [preferred]

B. Official ID w/ picture

C. Reference of a companion

Please, kindly provide at least one of the screening methods available. If you decide to provide more than one screening item, your request will be prioritised. Devious (BDSM) rendez-vous require linked-in information.

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A 25% deposit is required for all dates.

Once this form is complete and sent, I will get in touch with you to see which method is more convenient for you. Anonymous, untraceable and cash-based deposit methods are available as well.

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