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About Nina

Visual privacy. My face, birthmarks and tattoos are blurred in public pictures. I only have a few little tasteful and symbolic tattoos (7) that are words of literature that changed my life, the titles of poems I love, or symbols that are meaningful to me. I would love to show them to you in moments of intimacy. nota bene: I wish to get more tattoos in the future.

Response time. Please note that besides being a companion, I'm also a student on a double degree program and work a part time day job. I do not use an assistant and handle every inquiry myself. Although my availability is very limited, I do my best to accommodate dates of all duration. For this reason, I suggest pre-booking and/or pre-screening. All genuine inquiries will be answered as soon as possible.

Preferences. I do not disapprove on hard drugs but I do not consume them, so I kindly ask you not to make any proposition involving them. As most gen Z, I'm 420 friendly. I am fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (Pfizer x3) and I expect suitors to be vaccinated as well. BDSM: I am not a switch. Please do not ask me for domination or you will be blocked - nowhere in my adds or websites I advertise this.

Secrets. Although I give little hints about it, my exact personal ethnic background or my exact academic path and degree titles are not disclosed to the public. I keep this and my country of origin as secrets of myself that I only reveal to trusted lovers. If you know these details about me, I ask to please not discuss them with other providers, on social media, or elsewhere.

About our date

Contact. My preferred method of contact is through my booking form. Otherwise, you can still contact me via email, but please try to include all the required information in the first email (date, duration, screening info, etc.). 

Our date. Donations must be discretely handed at the beginning of our meeting in an envelope, card, book or vinyl. Rates are non negotiable.

Angelic or devious.  Every experience I offer is tailor-made to your unique desires. I know how to create an environment where both of us feel comfortable, gently building up sensual tension and organically creating the perfect moment of release. If you want a more detailed picture of how these experiences go, please check out my Musings page (in progress) or email me for more details.


Outfit requests.  I love outfit requests! If you see anything you like, feel free to request (do not request me to wear items I do not own). Otherwise, I'll always greet you with a dress and lingerie. I wear a natural look with very little make-up unless requested otherwise. I do not wear perfume for discretion, but can be requested.

Discretion. I handle our communications through encrypted channels (protonmail) and using VPNs under the counselling of a specialist in cyber security and handle all the information myself. In person, I dress appropriately and carry myself with elegance. My face being covered online, your privacy remains protected offline


Duos. Please check my Friends page to see my duo partners. I only offer duos with colleagues I have met beforehand.

Hygiene & respect. I expect you to be clean and respectful. If I feel that my boundaries are being pushed I will end the date. I'm very low volume and only keep respectful friends in my circle.


Location. There's no rate difference for outcalls or incalls. I host from 4-star hotels if you request an incall and I'm available to visit your hotel or private residence for outcalls. If you're located more than one hour away from my location and you book an outcall, I will require you to cover the uber fee and I might need a minimum of 1.5h or 2h.

Social time. I have no requirements of social time for longer dates. It's up to you, or us and what we feel like doing, but longer dates can be fully indoor. However, I especially enjoy dinner dates or museum dates so I will give priority to these type of requests. For exclusively social time, inquire by email.

Public displays of affection. I'm very comfortable with sweet displays of affection within reason - the looks between us while we flirt, our hands touching, or a seemingly innocent kiss craving to become more. (Please note: this excludes dates in Dubai)

Overnights and sleep. Every experience is unique. Maybe one time we decide to stay up all night, maybe we decide to cuddle and fall asleep together to wake up in bliss. 

Morning dates. Morning bookings or mornings post-overnights require at least one cup of black coffee (no milk, no cream, no sugar) or Americano. I'm not kidding.

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About you

I keep my circle small by choice. I do not discriminate on any basis and will only accept complete and respectful requests at my discretion. I do not meet with law enforcement in any country (not even in France) for safety reasons.

Female or trans clients can request a 20% discount. As a genuine bisexual, I value connections outside of the norm. My screening process applies. Please contact me for social rates.

Companion colleagues. I love meeting other companions and I'm a client myself. If you're a reputable provider, please contact me directly for an alternative screening and payment structure. 

Couples. "Devious" rates apply, and they depend solely on the region where I am. Both parties must screen, email me for details.

Disabled clients might be subject to a small discount at my discretion and depending on the situation. Please contact me to arrange any special need request regarding the location or other, I will do my best to accommodate an inclusive incall with no added fees.

High-profile clients. If you're a known artist, media personality, writer, etc. I encourage you to contact me from your blue-checked profile on social media before emailing me so I can verify you. However, if your legal name and last name are not clear I'll still ask you for more screening information. I make no exceptions for anyone, no matter their popularity. I'm open to sign an NDA depending on the region where we're meeting and the length of the desired appointment.

Politics. I understand how security clearances work and your need for privacy, however I cannot make exceptions for anyone and you must provide the required screening information. If it helps you make a decision, a few of my trusted clients are in the field and we maintain our escapades discrete and in secret. If  you still don't feel comfortable providing real life information, I respect your boundaries, but please do not contact me.

About the post-bliss

Review policy. I do not feel that I need reviews to show more of me. However, I have learned to appreciate tasteful and non-graphic testimonies of our time together. If you wish to write one, I'll accept it with the following conditions:

  • Ask me first and specify where you intend to post it

  • Do not use graphic language or acronyms

  • Do not describe hidden personal information about me (personal details or descriptions of my tattoos)

Reference policy. I see references as a part of what keeps the community safe, and for this reason I will be happy to provide a reference for you if you have been a good client to me. Please do not over-use this favour. 

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