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Maybe you're a man who prefers words instead of visuals... 

I have chosen to leave testimonies in their original language, as a testimony of my wanderlust and polyglot nature.

The girl of my dreams 

"Nina ist mit Abstand das beste, was mir je passiert ist. Sie ist wunderschön, sexy, und französisch beherrscht sie mehr als perfekt (übrigens auch außerhalb des Betts). Sie scheint dafür geboren, Männer glücklich zu machen. Dazu ist sie auch eine sehr eloquente und gebildete Gesprächspartnerin. Bitte behandelt sie gut. So ein Juwel ist auf kaufmich eigentlich nicht zu finden (zumindest hatte ich bisher nicht das Glück). Wiederholungsgefahr 110%!"


-S, via Kaufmich

Außergewöhnliche Erfahrung

Nina ist eine total sympathische, sehr hübsche und wunderschöne junge Lady. Eine Frau mit einem zuckersüßen Lächeln, mit der die Zeit viel zu schnell verfliegt. Das Treffen war einfach großartig. Man kann sich mit ihr über alles unterhalten, würde sie weiter empfehlen!

-I, via Kaufmich

Beauty and brains

"I have never met a woman like her. She has the power to be intoxicating and addictive, either in conversation or intimate time."

-M, via message



"....Nina had perfect sub energy, a good ability to guide without switching, and she was bursting with sexual energy throughout. I'll never be able to forget those beautiful eyes gazing deep into mine while her perfect mouth pleaded for more and I went on journeys I had never dreamed of."

- J via Private Delights

Una ragazza splendida

"Nina è una ragazza splendida. Ci eravamo già incontrati a Francoforte, dopo quella bellissima esperienza di 4 ore ho deciso di invitarla a Roma per un intero fine settimana. È una ragazza solare, sensuale, simpatica, piena di interessi e molto curiosa. Le piace molto il cibo italiano il che la rende unottima compagna per andare a pranzo e cena fuori. Senza entrare nei dettagli però nellintimità è molto erotica, le piace giocare, sperimentare e divertirsi. La cosa più importante è parlare con lei e condividere le proprie passioni e le proprie voglie, Nina sicuramente sa come fare felice un uomo. Non vedo lora di incontrarla di nuovo."


-L, via Eurogirls

Incredibly soft to the touch.


"....We undressed each other slowly, with lots of kissing and hands everywhere, hers and mine. I won't go into the details, but suffice it to say, the pictures of her are real. Her personality is amazing - I loved talking with her, hearing about her travels and the many languages she spoke. I had a fantastic time, and can't wait until we're in the same country and city so I can see her again. I tried things with her that I had been too shy to try with others. Under the sheets, she was into our activities every bit as much as I was. She was amazing. If you have the chance, go see her!"

-S, via Eurogirls


"It’s too easy to be intoxicated by Nina. She is incredibly smart and extremely interesting with a kind hearted genuine soul. I originally met her for dinner but this was nowhere near enough time, it was fun to switch languages during our conversation. She provides a genuine “devious” experience: an enthusiastic lover committed to the sin of lust and pleasure. At the same time, angelic, beautiful and insatiable. Because of Nina, I had the opportunity to experience a fantasy that had been nothing but a dream for years and for that I'll always be grateful to her. It's too hard to stop thinking about her after something so intense. I can only hope that her

travels will bring her back someday, or that our paths will cross somewhere

else in this world."


-JP, via message

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