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Fly Me To You..
Il dolce far niente!

You want to escape reality for a while;

You like the finer things in life. You want an exceptional escapade with an exceptional partner. You want the smart girl, the one that will give you fascinating conversations by day, and you want the passionate girl, the one that will blow your mind by night.

You came to the right place..

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fmty: escapade

I love to travel and I'm passport ready! As both, South-American and  European, I hold two passports and can travel easily everywhere in the world. Right now, I'm located in a hidden place in South America, meaning that escapades around here and in the Caribbean can be easily arranged.

Donations are listed in EUR. GBP is accepted 1:1

16h | 2600


nuit blanche

24h | 3000



48h | 5000



72h | 7000


5 days | 10000

Places where I would like to escape:

Aruba (again), Bahamas, Curaçao, vineyards in Mendoza (Argentina) or Chile, Buenos Aires, Peru (Machu Pichu, Ica, Nazca, Pisco, etc.), Rio de Janeiro or Florianópolis (Brasil)

Can't wait to see me? Sponsor my tour!

sponsor my tour

If you wish to see me, you can also sponsor my tours. You would have to cover my round trip flight fees, and you would get a discounted overnight. 100% of the amount shall be covered in advance

flight fees + discounted overnnight

Around 3000

(depends on location)

Cities I want to visit:

London, Paris, Barcelona, Stockholm, Oslo

Toronto, Vancouver

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Piano piano, lontano..

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As both, Latin American and also a European Union citizen, most of the world is open for me.

I've travelled extensively around South-America and Europe, and because of this, I've been told I make an excellent tour guide..

Visiting Machu Pichu in Peru? Buenos Aires? Brasil? Take me to guide you through this exotic part of the world, your wild tropical girl..

Traveling to Europe and in need of someone that speaks Spanish, Italian or Portuguese? Take me as your personal translator and après-hours muse


countries I can visit without a visa

the fine print

Our escapade

Donations must be discretely handed at the beginning of our escapade on an envelope. Rates are non negotiable. I do not disapprove on drugs but I do not consume them, so I kindly ask you not to make any proposition involving them. I accept FMTY as a first encounter if we have a good chemistry.

Travel dates

I won't be able to travel during my exam dates. Please keep in mind I post my exam dates on my Agenda & Travel page.



A 50% deposit is required + travel expenses covered.

If our travel plans were to be affected by COVID related issues, the deposit can be re purposed for another date or escapade. Please do not send a deposit without confirming with me first.

Personal time

As a student on a double degree, I can only take a break of a couple days (except during the holidays) so for long arrangements, I appreciate a couple hours a day for personal time dedicated to school work. Personal time for excersicing is also appreciated.

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