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where do you come from?

Where I come from is Twitter's best kept secret. For safety reasons, I do not disclose where exactly I come from until you have been properly screen and we meet face-à-face. Also, although I'm fluent in French, and I intend to become a sommelier, I am not French. You know already I'm a mix of cultures. Leave something for your imagination! Bonus points if you guess right.

do you have race preferences..?

I don't think this question merits a response. I would never discriminate someone on the base of race, ethnicity, nationality, etc.

about me

communication is key

what should i know before contacting you?

I only accept first contact via email. First make sure you go through my full etiquette to make sure you agree to any policy i could have. 

Book a date through the form on the main

menu, or send an email introducing yourself (you can use the template if you need a guide)

Emails proposing drug use or unsafe practices will be left unanswered. 

how long for a response

All genuine requests will be answered witthin 36h. Please note that I am also a student, have a job, and a dog (yes). If I don't answer you immediately, I am probably studying or playing tug-of-war with the pup.

If you feel that your love letter needs attention because it's an urgent request, feel free to politely contact me via telegram to let me know you sent an email. If however you act rude or entitled to my time, this will result in the termination of our communication

screening: why?

As most people before entering this world, I didn't know screening methods for companions existed. That being said, once I understood that, I realised it changed the experience completely  and as companion we are able to trust and give ourselves completely to our partners.

Screening ensures my safety and is non-negotiable. As mentioned on my etiquette, I reserve the rights to ask for more screening information at my discretion.

example: if the provider on reference is unable to submit a complete good reference

deposits: why?

Deposits have become essential to me. They ensure me your request is genuine and real.

I understand how this might be an issue for some, and I would never push your boundaries asking you to accept it if you don't want to. So please respect mine and do not push for consent into a date without a deposit.

If you happen to be very unlucky and you have to cancel our amazing date 48h before, deposits can be redirected toward rescheduling a date

screening & deposits

About us

do you have a 'menu'?

As I've mentioned on the etiquette, I'm drawn to genuiune experiences and feeling authentic and not a mechaniccal forced play, ruled by a list of acronyms. My focus is on you, and our pleasure. Think about it as if you meet a cute girl in a bar and go home with her!

what about bdsm?

BDSM experiences are so much different because in some cases safety is involved and kinks can be very particular so it is important to know exactly what we're talking about.*

Because of all of this I took the time to create a Private area where everything is crystal clear. My advice would be to pre-screen too get access -which would be quicker- or send me an email directly with your inquire.

do you offer outcalls or incallls?

I prefer outcalls, but I can arrange an upscale incall suitable for both of us with no extra cost for dates of 2h or more.

This policy might change in the future but as for now, this is it, and all I require is a heads up on your first email.

The venue

do you allow reviews?

I entered this world knowing that in France is very common for providers to get reviewed, which extremely objectifying. To my surprise, I found out that most companions -and clients- around me had the same mixed feelings about reviews.

And somehow - yet another surprise - I grew fond on the idea of testimonials, which feel like a classy love letter on the afterglow and nostalgia of a fantastic date being over, and it's something I am currently evaluating and considering.

However I currently do not advertise in any site that has a testimonial feature so it might be a question for the future. Xx

The travel

do you tour?

A very good question for which I have a complicated answer.

I decided that I do not want my life ruled by this line of work, as I love it being 'mon jardin secret', a secret pleasure and not an obligation.


I have since decided that I will constantly "tour", my travel being purely motivated by my wanderlust nature, re-visiting my favourite cities and discovering new ones.

PS. Love in the times of COVID19, my only tour is from my bed to the dogpark, daily!

where do you tour?

Since my heart is now divided between Le Louvre and The British Museum, I will be visiting London almost once a month

I will arrange a visit to an European city once every two months, and I also will be visiting North America for personal matters more often and yearly.

You can invest on my tour budget and push the scales to your favour here. And if you can't wait to see me consider a FMTY or FYTM !

If you want to stay up to date with my travel plans and availability subscribe to my newsletter and follow me on twitter !

full etiquette

First contact

Communication is key. After reading this section, you can book a date just by filling out the form for enquiries, or by writing an email with the required information on my book a date tab.

The experience

if you got to this point on my website, it's because you seek to escape the ordinary as much as I do, and you're looking for an authentic adventure. Every girlfriend experience is different, and it should always feel natural, easygoing, and real. Therefore, it wouldn't be possible for me to provide a list of services, as that would make our shared experience seem mechanical- which is not what either me or you are interested in.

A muse of culture

The lover in my mind, he's polite and educated. If you ever wish to include cultural activities during our time together, either a museum visit or a refreshingly interesting conversation at dinner, I would be thrilled. Please note that as much as I love to spend lots of times indoors - and I don't have requirements for social time-  I would also be delighted to be your partner in crime for activities outdoors.

Our date

Donations must be discretely handed at the beginning of our meeting on an envelope. Rates are non negotiable. I do not disapprove on drugs but I do not consume them, so I kindly ask you not to make any proposition involving them.

The venue

I prefer outcalls, but I can arrange an incall place for us if it's needed.


Deposits have become essential for me, as they ensure me the enquire is serious and genuine and I can secure the date and time for us with no concern or worries of a cancellation amd wait with excitement. A 100€ deposit (or 30% while touring) is required to block the date. Deposits are non refundable if you have to cancel, but can be used to set another date. In the unlikely event of a cancellation from my part, deposits can be either used to set a new date, or refunded entirely during the following weeks.


To establish a level of trust between us, I require at least one of this three possible elements for screening:

a picture of you holding your photo ID


linked-in info 


the reference of a companion

Screening is non-negotiable and I make no exceptions as it's vital to ensure my safety. I reserve the right to ask for supplementary information at my discretion.


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