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Frequently asked questions

Most things have been answered on my Etiquette page

About Nina

Are you real? Can I ask you for proof of verification? 

I'm a reputable provider member of an escort collective (KLE) with a professional website (that took hours to build), professional pictures taken by reputable photographers, paid adds in add sites that verify our IDs, an active social media presence in multiple platforms with back up accounts, and positive testimonies (reviews) on known platforms.

I do not need to prove I'm real. Requests for "face time" or "snapchat" will be ignored and blocked. 

Why do you hide your face? Can I get a picture?

I hide my face online since I am building a career outside of the demimonde. My privacy is a priority to me and unfortunately -although I pride myself on my looks and I'm told my face is my best asset- I cannot show it to you prior to meeting. Any requests for face pictures will be ignored.

About our date

What is your type of client?

I do not discriminate based on age, religion, ethnicity or any other factor. My only requirement is for clients to provide the required screening information, respect my policies and etiquette, and be polite. I do not meet with law enforcement agents under any circumstances for my safety and also because of ethical reasons regarding my secret life.

Do you keep pets at your incall?

Since I host from 4 star hotels and not from my residence, I do not have my pet with me for dates in Paris or on tour.

If I'm hosting while on a personal trip, my hypoallergenic dog might be with me in the apartment- in that case you will be warned in advance and I'll also state it via newsletter or social media. In this case, if you have heavy allergies, you can book an outcall or request another incall location at an additional fee.

Do you have duo partners?

Because of safety reasons and privacy concerns, I only offer duos with colleagues I have met beforehand. You can check my friends at my Friends page.

About touring

Do you tour?

I tour some cities regularly and I also travel a lot in my personal life - in some of these trips I welcome the occasional inquiry. If you want to keep up with my travels, please subscribe to my newsletter or follow me on social media.


Why do your rates change in different cities?

My rates take into account multiple factors (legal model, risk level, local rates) and they are structured to attract some inquiries, but not too many, to remain a low-volume provider.

To catch me on my travels, please subscribe to my newsletter on the bottom of this website

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