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Screening 101

Most things have been answered on my Etiquette page

What is screening?

Screening is a verification process that ensures me you're safe and will not harm me. For this, I will require real life information - meaning I do not meet anyone anonymously. Screening is a common practice among high-end companions and it ensures I feel comfortable with you. I understand this reduces the amount of inquiries I get, and I'm happy with my decision - I value quality over quantity.

What about privacy?

I understand your need for privacy. Just so you know:

  •  Your information will be destroyed once our first date is over.

  • I can assure you this is a common practice in the world of high-end companionship (Just check the websites of my companion friends)

  • I only require this to know you're safe and will not harm me. I will not meet a stranger or put myself at risk. Real life information proves me you have good intentions.

  • I have no interest in your personal life (work or family). Your life is yours and it's none of my business. I just want to know you're safe to meet.

  • It ensures me you're not law enforcement.

  • All of my clients have sent me the screening information I require. If I didn't handle their information carefully, I wouldn't have clients at all.

Why does it change in every region?

Screening is different in every region because every country has different laws regarding what two consenting adults -such as you and I- do on their free time. For countries with added risk and more strict laws such as the US, I'm forced to add multiple screening requirements, since my integrity and ability to enter the country are at risk.

What are your policies?

Screening is non-negotiable.

I do not make any exceptions. I do not meet anyone without screening.

If you refuse to provide the information I request, your emails will be left unanswered. 


If you try to establish your own screening preferences on me (suggesting a board handle only, sending selfies, or asking for face-timing, etc.) your request will be ignored.

I reserve the right to ask more screening information if needed.

Requests with multiple screening elements will be prioritised.

If even with all of this information you still do not wish to provide screening information, I completely understand. Those are your boundaries and I respect them - just please do not contact me. 

What are references?

Since references are uncommon in France, I took the liberty of explaining the concept further.

References are a way in which providers ​vouches for you.

For example, if you saw another companion before me, you could send me her website and email, so I can contact her directly and she can personally ensure me you're safe to meet.


Screening requirements

Europe* and Canada

Please provide one of the following items:

A. A Linked-in profile (preferred)


B. A government-issued ID with photo 

without any information blurred out or covered


C. The reference of an independent companion (Germany and France only)

+ your phone number (for verification only, I will not contact you)

+ (optional) the reference of a companion or more items

*Because of the laws in these countries, a Linked-in profile is required in Germany, Switzerland or Northern Ireland.

United States

Please provide the following items:

A. A Linked-in profile


B. Government-issued ID with photo

     without any information blurred out or covered


C. The reference of a reputable companion

+ your phone number (for verification only, I will not contact you)

or alternatively


A. A Linked-in profile


B. Government-issued ID with photo

      (picture and name must be visible)


D. additional information verifying you as a client and your profession*

+ your phone number (for verification only, I will not contact you)


* This can be any additional information that can verify your profession (professional website, company email, company website featuring your name, social media, etc.) or verify you as a client. 

Preferred screening requirements:

A (LinkedIn) + B (ID) + C (reference)

Added items

(optional) / Worldwide

To make me feel safe and verify you more easily, you can add more information to your inquiry. For example:


To verify your profession:

Professional website, professional twitter, company e-mail, company website featuring your name, etc.

To verify you're a client:

Usernames (P411, Private delights, etc.) or references.

To verify you're real or safe:

Personal social media

The more items you add to the request, the more likely I'll be to accept it and process it faster. 

Remember your information is destroyed after our first meeting

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