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Visit me in Frankfurt

New year, new city!

I'll be Frankfurt based for a few months while I do an intensive German course. My ability to travel will be limited if not on the weekends and I want to offer established clients a chance to see me again after this 2 year break.

Visit me in Frankfurt for a weekend -Friday to Sunday- at a special rate (available only to existing clients). Contact me for more information.

Bottle of German Riesling required


Things to do in Frankfurt

Visit a fine cars gallery: Klassikstadt is a unique gallery of prestige cars (Porsche, BMW, Jaguars, Maserati, Mercedes, etc.) that also features a fine dining restaurant. More info

Museums: the Museumsufer is located in Frankfurt; a group of 39 museums (!!!) in one place. On the top of my wishlist: The German Architecture Museum, The Jewish Museum, the Archeological Museum, the Natural History Museum. More info

Wertheim Castle: Renaissance 15th Century Castle (1h away from Frankfurt). Dog-friendly. Features a fine dining restaurant. More info

Hikes: Frankfurt City Forest (only 15m away from downtown). Taunus (20m away from downtown)

Wine Tastings

Me *blushes*

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