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We live in a complicated era that will mark a new chapter in History books. Today, our actions can change history.

Because this pandemic is also about misinformation  there have been massive waves of dog abandonments in France, for which I have been supporting and trying to help local shelters. Consider a donation to la Société Protectrice des Animaux on my name as the ultimate perfect gift.

the bare essentials

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Guilty pleasures


If I had the opportunity of catching your attention for long enough, you probably know all about my guilty pleasures. Some women love bags, some men love watches.. I love skincare. There's nothing I love more than dedicating myself to make my skin feel even smoother and silky than it already is.

Skincare favs:

Dior skincare, Nuxe, Drunk Elephant, LaNeige, Youth To The People

France & Europe

Treatwell | Sephora | Clarins

United Kingdom:

Treatwell | LookFantastic 

coups de cœur

In French, coup de coeur means "something you love" but it literally translates to "heart stroke"

This are my "heart strokes", the little things I'd liked so much they made my heart stop..


date ideas

a visit to your favourite restaurant...

a visit to the British Museum's exhibition about Tantra

breakfast in Versailles

Peruvian cuisine dinners..

A short Cordon Bleu cooking class cuisine together

BDSM Dungeon visits in Berlin




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