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Donations & Etiquette

Please read my etiquette at the bottom of this page

A passionate lover, naturally submissive, I'll let you choose the kind of escapade that suits you..

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Tenderness, sensual moments, captivating epicurean dates, pillow talk, candles and cocktails, sweet indulgence... the girlfriend experience

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Divine submission, sensual kink, forbidden pleasures, trip to Greece, mischievous adventures... a BDSM experience

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Female, disabled and trans clients can request a discount.

Please note that all mornings post-overnight or morning bookings require a cup of black coffee

(black, no sugar, no cream)


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Our date

Donations must be discretely handed at the beginning of our meeting in an envelope, card, book or vinyl. Rates are non negotiable. I do not disapprove on drugs but I do not consume them, so I kindly ask you not to make any proposition involving them. I do not discriminate on any base and will accept complete and respectful requests.


If you need more details contact me via email.



There's no rate difference for outcalls or incalls.

I host from 4-star hotels if you request an incall and I'm available to visit your hotel or private residence for outcalls. If you're located more than one hour away from my location and you book an outcall, I will require you to cover the uber fee and I might need a minimum of 1.5h or 2h.


Deposits have become essential for me, as they ensure me the enquire is serious and genuine and I can secure the date and time for us with no concern or worries of a cancellation and wait with excitement.

A 25% deposit is required to block the date.

Deposits are non refundable if you have to cancel, but can be used to set another date in the future (read the cancellation policy at the end of the Etiquette section)


In the unlikely event of a cancellation from my part, deposits can be either used to set a new date, or refunded entirely during the following weeks.

Please do not send a deposit without confirming a date with me first.


visual privacy

My face, birthmarks and tattoos are blurred in public pictures. I only have a few little tasteful and symbolic tattoos (7) that are words of literature that changed my life, the titles of poems I love, or symbols that are meaningful to me. I would love to show them to you in moments of intimacy.

Please note that in the future I wish to get more tattoos, although for professional reasons, they will be all easily coverable with normal clothing.

If you request visuals of my face or tattoos prior to meeting, your request will be left unanswered.


response time

Please note that besides being a companion at night, I'm also a student on a double degree program and I have also started working a day job part time.

Although my availability is very limited, I do my best to accommodate dates of all duration.

For these reasons, I suggest pre-booking and/or pre-screening. All genuine responses will be answered in 8h-16h or 12h-24h while on tour.

"Tous les matins du monde sont sans retour"

Screening: Why?

(Skip this part if you're familiar with screening already)

Screening is a verification process that ensures me you're safe and will not harm me. For this, I will require real life information (meaning I do not meet anyone anonymously).


I understand your need for privacy:

  •  Your information will be destroyed once our first date is over.

  • I can assure you this is a common practice in the world of high-end companionship (Just check the websites of my companion friends)

  • I only require this to know you're safe and will not harm me. I will not meet a stranger or put myself at risk. Real life information proves me you have good intentions.

  • I have no interest in your personal life (work or family)

  • It ensures me you're not law enforcement.

Screening is non-negotiable. I do not make any exceptions. I do not meet anyone without screening. If you refuse to provide the information I request, your emails will be left unanswered.


If you try to establish your own screening preferences on me (suggesting a board handle only, sending selfies, or asking for face-timing, etc.) your request will be ignored.

I reserve the right to ask more screening information if needed. Requests with multiple screening elements will be prioritised.

If even with all of this information you still do not wish to provide screening information, I completely understand. Those are your boundaries and I respect them - just please do not contact me. 

Screening (Europe + Canada)*

Please provide one of the following items:


A. A Linked-in profile (preferred)


B. A government-issued ID with photo

without any information blurred out or covered

and  (optional)

C. The reference of a companion

*Because of the laws in these countries, a Linked-in profile is required in GermanySwitzerland or Northern Ireland.

  • If you wish, you may add the reference of a companion, a company website, a company email, social media, or any information that would make me feel safer. This will be much appreciated and your request will be prioritised.



Because of the added risk, more items are required for safety.

Please provide all of the following items:


A. A Linked-in profile (preferred)


B. A government-issued ID with photo

without any information blurred out or covered


C. The reference of a reputable companion

(optional) Feel free to add any additional information that can verify your profession (professional website, company email, company website featuring your name, social media, etc.)



My booking form in the "book a date" tab allows you to securely send the information requested.

Alternatively, you can contact me via email. However, if by the second email you fail to provide all the required screening information, email will remain unanswered.

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“You will always be fond of me. I represent to you all the sins you never had the courage to commit.”

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A muse of culture

The lover in my mind is highly educated. If you ever wish to include cultural activities during our time together, either a museum visit or a refreshingly interesting conversation at dinner, I would be thrilled.

As much as I love to spend lots of times indoors - and I don't have requirements for outside social time (Longer dates can be fully indoor)-  I would also be delighted to be your partner in crime for activities outdoors.

Vaccination policy

I am fully vaccinated with three doses of Pfizer, and I expect suitors to be vaccinated too. 

review policy

My identification and verification as a companion is my website, ads, social media, and content subscription sites.

However, if you feel more comfortable with reviews, I do have a few notes on my Testimony page (in progress).


If you wish to write a review about me please

  • Ask me first

  • Do not use graphic language or acronyms

  • Do not describe hidden personal information about me (my face or tattoos) 

Cancellation policy

Life happens.

  • If you need to cancel 48h before our date, we can re-schedule and the deposit can be used to secure a next date. 

  • If you need to cancel 24h-48h before our date, we can re-schedule and the deposit can be used to secure a next date but I will require a small cancellation fee (just like hotels) to cover up expenses.

  • If you cancel less than 24h before our date (or fail to show up) I expect 100% of the agreed rate to be wired electronically in the next few days. If you do not cover my cancellation fee you will not be blacklisted - but I will not be meeting you ever again.


If you're a known artist, media personality, writer, etc. I encourage you to contact me from your blue-checked profile on social media. However, if your legal name and last name are not clear I'll still ask you for more screening information.

Politics. I understand how security clearances work and your need for privacy, however I cannot make exceptions for anyone and you must provide the required screening information. If it helps you make a decision, a few of my clients are known politicians in Europe or North America. If this is not enough for you and you still don't feel comfortable providing real life information, I respect your boundaries, but please do not contact me.

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