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Paris guided tours

"I didn't like Paris" what you hear from people that were not lucky enough to have a local guiding them. 


Although I wasn't born here, I've been told I make an excellent tour guide, and would love to welcome you into my city for a few hours or a few days to get lost together in the city of light.

I want to take you to my favourite hotels - hidden gems I don't tell anyone about- or my favourite bistros -places that don't even have an online presence- or to my favourite museums. I want to see the Louvre with you and walk you through the Ancient Egypt exhibition, or get lost among the impressionist paintings. Have croissants for breakfast, tell you all about the Haussmannian urbanism that defines the city, and take you to all the secret places I know about and tourists don't... Tease you while we enjoy a glass of Sancerre before we walk the streets at night and get lost and midnight before going back to privacy and getting lost in each other for the rest of the night.

A museum lover, an architecture geek, and a very extroverted person, I found myself falling in love with these kinds of escapades. Being fluent in French and a few other languages, I have shown my city to friends from all over the world, and I would now love to show it to you.

If you're visiting Paris and you wish to arrange a few hours or days with me, please contact me via email. Donations are bespoke.

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Postcards from Paris


To stay:

I have a few secret hidden places to suggest if you're visiting.. Send an email to arrange

To drink:

1k Pisco Bar (Le Marais)

La Mezcaleria (Le Marais) 

La Felicità (13ème)

Le Chat Ivre (Bastille)

Djawa (Balinese cocktails)

・Le Molitor

To dine:

・Bistrot Léo (Le Marais) - my favourite

Manko (Peruvian)

Essaouira (Moroccan)

Le train bleu (French)

Djawa (Indonesian streetfood)

Coya (Peruvian)

Comptoir du Pérou (Peruvian)

Big Love (Italian)

L'escargot Montorgueil (French)

Desi Road (Indian) - love this place

Tien Hiang (vegetarian Asian) - fav

Street Bangkok (Thai streetfood)

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