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Social media & content creation websites: I understand that some people need reassurance. I can assure you, I am real!
I compiled a list of all of my platforms so you believe me *wink*

Please do not make inquiries for dates through any of these platforms - fill my booking form or email me.

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Craving more? Curious about the uncensored? Or just want to chat before meeting? I have a collection of uncensored content that is not exactly accepted on other social media. Join my closest circle by subscribing. Please abstain from mentioning meeting in person when chatting through this platform, or I could lose access to it. Any mention or suggestion of it (or mention of add sites or my rates or website) will result in a preventive block to protect my account.

NSFW & exclusive | SFW & free


Twitter is where I'm the most active (maybe too much) and where you'll catch a glimpse of my personality, likes and dislikes, or interactions with my duo partners. Candid pictures, professional photographs, and selfies also included. I tend to announce tour updates on Twitter and via Newsletter at the same time but updates about my availability or tour plans for the future are done almost exclusively via Twitter to avoid spamming you via email. As mentioned before, I don't take myself too seriously and joke a lot. Warning: I talk too much about my lovely pup and about global politics.

Main account | back-up account


If you want to see more of me, you can follow me on instagram, where I'm very active and post candid (although censored) pictures of myself, selfies, and pictures about my life

Please abstain from sending DMs asking for rates or trying to inquire, or mentioning add sites as it could get me banned from the platform. Doing these will result in a preventive block to protect my account. I only respond to DMs from existing and screened clients.

Main account

Wine diaries

I found a way to mix my passion for writing and my passion for oenology 

Instagram | Patreon

To catch me on my travels, please subscribe to my newsletter on the bottom of this website

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