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Nina Lira
escapade partner

high-end companion & elite submissive

Paris • Frankfurt • London • Washington DC • Toronto

Latest update:

Active on OnlyFans. Visit

Returning to Europe this year. On hiatus until October

Je m'appelle Nina,


I am often described as exotic - and indeed, I'm a cocktail of exotic cultures. A hint of Italian sprezzatura, a bit of Brazilian passion, my duality is a huge part of who I am, a mix of very different cultures and contrasting ethnicities. You can tell my heritage by looking at me, my sun-kissed skin, my dark piercing eyes, and my full plump lips never fail to captivate intrigued glances..

My looks are mediterranean, my heart is Latin, my French is flawless.

I'm at my happiest when I'm learning a new language, practising a sport, or planning my next trip. As a wanderlust polyglot I thrive when traveling to new destinations and exploring museums all over the world.

I am often told that I am as smart as I am beautiful; highly educated and passionate about many things, my talent brought me from the other hemisphere of this world to Paris, to attend one of France's top, most exclusive and selective Grandes Écoles. In France I discovered the universe of oenology, expanded my selection of favourite wines and now I aspire to be a sommelier, so I can promise you great conversations over greater wine in a perfect mélange of sensual and intellectual.

Halfway through my studies I found myself craving human connection, in desperate need of escaping everyday life, and in the search for meaning I found myself inside the thrilling life of a companion.


But do not be fooled by my sophistication and angelic looks, 

I have to warn you right now that my composure doesn't come with me when I'm in your arms. I’m easygoing and playful as I am lustful and warm. I am always eager for new and intense experiences, my soft skin burns as fire, and my mind is full of devilish thoughts. 


Discover more about me on our own secret escapade.

Indulge yourself. Let me be yours and let me delight you,


Sincerely yours,


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brown eyes


24 years old



vaxed and waxed + pfizer boosted

European and South-American passports and heritage

good things come in small packages.. 1.56m or 5"1


speaks English, Spanish,

French, Italian and Portuguese but needs help with German


dog person meets cat lady


pursuing not one but two degrees

coffee addict

obsessed with learning


smiles too much

lingerie lover and collector

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator... ENFP - a mix of intensity, passion and chaos


little tasteful tattoos to discover when

clothes are off


loves museum dates


will never say no to Chablis

“It doesn't interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for, and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart's longing."



Wines from Chablis

especially La Chablisienne or William Fèvre



Nikkei, absolute favourite

Japanese, Peruvian, Thai



Brazilian Caipirinha, Peruvian Pisco Sour, Margaritas



Buenos Aires, Washington DC, Toronto, Amsterdam, Bordeaux, Stockholm, Barcelona


Oenology, Linguistics, Architecture, Psychology, Egyptology, Dogs



Barcelona on St Jordi's day, picnics in Spring, la Fête de la Musique in Paris, grape harvesting season in September, cozy scandi Winters in Stockholm,



the Rijksmueum in Amsterdam, the Louvre in Paris, 

the museum of American History in DC, the museum of broken relationships in Zagreb



Nina, Bella, ou Luna de Nina Ricci

Miss Dior



White and red roses



Jacquemus, Kate Spade, Hermès, Coco Chanel



White and red lingerie

(Agent Provocateur, Studio Pia, etc)

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