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good wine, better men

©2019 by Nina Lira

Independent upscale companion

based in Paris

Il dolce far niente !

"Viaggiare è vivere"

I love travelling  and I'm passport ready - with access to almost the entire world. Whether you want to take me skiing to the Alps, sharing cocktails in Bali, or seeking adventure, I am the girl for it

Let us enjoy a little break and let me take your mind off things. 

Choose your menu and fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Jumpt to: Etiquette

"Viaggiare è vivere"

Unavailable for FMTY on November

December through January 

available for Train Me To you

in the Alps and any ski station around.

nina lira


dinner & overnight

1200  + travel expenses

breaking the routine


day + overnight

1700  + travel expenses

breaking the routine

il contorno

weekend getaway

2200  + travel expenses

breaking the routine

il dolce

work week (5 days)

3000  + travel expenses 


Travelling to Italy or Spain maybe? Take me as your private cute translator!

Let me be your personal muse and tour guide.

I am not only a passionate lover but also a well travelled and well educated vibrant girl, who can show you around anywhere you need and share thoughts on art, History, architecture and culture.

+ i più +


The world is open

for us

As both, latin-american and european, I have travel freedom in most of the world.

piano piano, lontàno..

Donation info

Please contact me by mail for information about deposit methods. 

There are several discreet ways to proceed

A 50% deposit is required

Grosso modo: Fly Me To You 

Travel bucket-list

Il Positano

Le buone maniere

Etiquette is the same.

    To arrange un viaggio, I need you to please send me an e-mail or simply fill the contact form.  


I will need for you to provide at least two of this three possible references:

photo ID and/or linked-in info and/or reference of a companion

I understand your need for discretion and please let me know if you have any specific privacy concerns. In order to have the best possible experience, please be courteous. I love well-educated men ! Please hand gifts at the beginning of our meeting. Donations are non negotiable.  I do not disapprove on drugs but I do not consume them, so I kindly ask you not to ask me to do so and not to do it during our appointment.

fill out the contact form here or send an e-mail to 


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our appointment: fly me to you


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Official ID
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3. Reference of a companion

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