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come for the business, 

stay for the pleasure

Indulge yourself to a vacation, and instead of flying me to you.. Fly you to me

Come to the most romantic city on Earth and let a local guide you through it's charming little streets. Let yourself know this city through me, your vivacious young, pretty and smart private guide with a keen interest on History, architecture, wine, art and erotism.

We'll experience amazing culinary arts through fine dining, and I'll use my oenology knowledge to pick the best wine to pair your dinner and our moment, and for dessert we'll spend the night on amazing upscale hotels. We'll wander through the streets and get lost on it's _ . You'll tell me all your niterests and I'll arrange the most amazing activities related. We'll spend the ngiht in an amazing hotel and waking up we'll have coffee, and the best croissants  in France. Let me let you fall in love with this city and with the experience.

starts w 24h


paris tours

Tenderness, captivating epicurean dates, 
candles and cocktails, sweet indulgence

4h | 700


5h | 800



​6h | 900


pièce de résistance

12h | 1300


16h | 1500

nuit blanche
24h | 1800


48h | 2200



72h | 2500

What brings you here?

International documentary film festival
Fri, Mar 13
Mar 13, 11:30 AM
Paris, Paris
UEFA Champions League PSG - Borussia Dortmund
Wed, Mar 11
Le Parc des Princes
Mar 11, 7:00 PM
Le Parc des Princes, 24 Rue du Commandant Guilbaud, 75016 Paris, France
Round 16


artisanal brewery tours
Wine pairing
fine dining
le Parc aux Princes
le Parc aux Princes

Getting you here

Our stay

as the Tourism capital of the World, Paris has lots to offer in terms of accommodation.

The choice is up to you! Tell me what interests you and with my suggestion we'll find the perfect place for our visit. 

What is it that you desire? A calm cozy home were we could do cooking dates? A spa weekend at a luxurious hotel? A mix of both? 

Our vacation

Treat yourself


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