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    "Donations listed are for my time and companionship only. Anything that may occur during an encounter would be an act of freedom between two consenting adults of legal age."

Donations are listed in EUR, GBP ratio is 1:1



Tenderness, captivating epicurean dates, 
candles and cocktails, sweet indulgence

1h | 300

hors d’oeuvre

1h30 | 400


2h | 500



3h | 600


4h | 700


5h | 800



​6h | 900


pièce de résistance

12h | 1300

"You will always be fond of me. I represent to you all the sins you never had the courage to commit.”


Applies from September 2020

divine submission, devious thoughts

sensual kink, forbidden bdsm pleasures,

trip to greece, mischievous adventures

1h | 350

hors d’oeuvre

1h30 | 450


2h | 550



3h | 650


4h | 800


5h | 900



​6h | 1000


pièce de résistance

12h | 1450


sponsor tuiton

London, Paris or FMTY

duration | angelic | devious

2h date every month

2h | 450 | 500

3h date every month

3h | 550 | 600

4h date every month

4h | 650 | 700

one overnight every month

12h | 1000 | 1100

full amount to be paid in advance

get in touch for conditions


Our date

In call shall be provided by me. Donations must be discretely handed at the beginning of our meeting on an envelope. Rates are non negotiable. I do not disapprove on drugs but I do not consume them, so I kindly ask you not to make any proposition involving them.


Deposits have become essential for me, as they ensure me the enquire is serious and genuine and I can secure the date and time for us with no concern or worries of a cancellation amd wait with excitement.

A 25% deposit is required to block the date.

Deposits are non refundable if you have to cancel, but can be used to set another date. In the unlikely event of a cancellation from my part, deposits can be either used to set a new date, or refunded entirely during the following weeks.


To establish a level of trust between us, I require at least one of this three possible elements for screening:

 photo ID


linked-in info 


the reference of a companion

Screening is non-negotiable and I make no exceptions as it's vital to ensure my safety. I reserve the right to ask for supplementary information at my discretion.

First contact

Communication is key. After reading this section, you can book a date just by filling out the form for enquiries, or by writing an email with the required information on my book a date tab.

The experience

If you got to this point on my website, it's because you seek to escape the ordinary as much as I do, and you're looking for an authentic adventure. Every girlfriend experience is different, and it should always feel natural, easygoing, and real. Therefore, it wouldn't be possible for me to provide a list of services, as that would make our shared experience seem mechanical- which is not what either me or you are interested in.

A muse of culture

The lover in my mind, he's polite and educated. If you ever wish to include cultural activities during our time together, either a museum visit or a refreshingly interesting conversation at dinner, I would be thrilled. Please note that as much as I love to spend lots of times indoors - and I don't have requirements for social time-  I would also be delighted to be your partner in crime for activities outdoors.

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