update: now accepting bookings

I am terribly missing the thrill of real life and human connection.

But in order to take care of my health - and our collective health -  I will only be accepting bookings

every 15 days minium. Pre-bookings essential! 

Starting May the 15th

support me & see more of me !

book in advance!

Because we're all dreaming about the beautiful days, as of now, I'm offering the possibility of prepaying deposits.

(25%, 50%, or 100% of the full amount)*

Please consult the online

payment methods right below

*contact me directly to donate a tax deductible amount to the Red Cross as part of the total amount | pre-bookings available for June & summer 2020.

Online transfers

The perfect guide to tip, support, or book your favourite companion in advance through safe channels.

Le pot solidaire (money pool)

For tips only, platform takes a 4% commission

Any amount can be received, anonymously or not

Payment works for France in any circunstances, less with other countries' banks

10% sera versé à des associations françaises qui supportent des TDS en danger

Link here

Verse app

For small tips only (less than 100€) | Works with multiple currencies

Tip by opening the link with this QR code

Link here

PCS Voucher

Please get a PCS voucher of the desired amount and send the code via mail to ninalira@protonmail.com

Link for France | will appear in bank statement as "top up BV" | lien alternatif ou deuxième option

Link for Worldwide | will appear in bank statement as "Korsit BV" | payable by apple pay, credit card, skrill, paypal, bit pay and other 50 methods | second link or alternative option


Step one

Remember crypto changes easily and it's anonymous!

Let me know when you wish to transfer the desired amount

Beware: the account number should have no mistakes.

Step two

Send the desired amount to any of this wallet addresses: 

for DAI:


for Zcash:


for DASH:


No mistakes! Beware

Remember to write a reference, since payments are anonymous.

Step three

Enjoy the excitement of feeling like a tech-wizard.

For more information, details, or explanations on how to use crypto,

contact me to consult my crypto guide by mail.

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